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Santa Cruz E-Bike

Let the Heckling begin. The Heckler is the most agile e-bike on the market—one that sports equal parts capability and playfulness. It’s fun uphill, it’s fun downhill, and it rides more like the aggressive trail bike it was based on than whatever your notion of an e-bike may be. Using Bronson–our all-around thrill seeker–as a […]

Bicycle Finance

We have developed a finance product specifically for the enthusiastic cyclist to stay relevant and on top of the rapidly advancing sport of cycling. An added benefit is that an upgrade at any time is possible. We will show you how cost of ownership can beat the purchase price. WHAT CAN I FINANCE?New bicycle frame […]

Norco Bicycles

Norco Bicycles are designed with one objective in Mind: Enhancing the riding experience. Driven by this collective goal, they develop technologies that make you faster, more confident and more comfortable. These technologies make our bikes lighter, stronger, stiffer and more intuitive so you will get more: more hours in the saddle, more watts of energy, […]

Biknd Travel Cases

Exclusive to our shop, which means exclusive to you! BIKND TRAVEL CASES The Helium V4 The unique bicycle travel case equipped with air protection THE UNIQUE BICYCLE TRAVEL CASE EQUIPPED WITH AIR PROTECTION WITH PROGRESSIVE IDEAS, WE DEVELOPED A BIKE CASE OFFERING SUPERIOR FUNCTION, SIMPLICITY AND PERFORMANCE. The Helium V4 bike case was created for […]

New From SRAM

   EAGLE AXS™ IT’S SIMPLE. IT’S ABOUT PERFORMANCE. The pure shifting performance of Eagle AXS™ is the real difference maker. Shift under load, over the roughest terrain, uphill, or without changing your grip on the bar. EASY SET UP. EASIER USAGE. Bolt it on. Set three limit screws. Press the pairing buttons. And go. Eagle […]